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Herzlich Willkommen zum BlogHop mit den Monatskits von www.danipeuss.de! Folgt der Kette und lasst euch von unseren Designteam Werken inspirieren Smiley Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß!

Ich habe heute ein Mini Album für euch, bei dem ich das April Project Life Kit benutzt habe.


True Friend Mini Album


Dieses Album ist an ein wichtiges Erinnerungsstück gebunden, nämlich, das erste Lieblingsbuch meiner ältesten Tochter. Ich wollte 1-2 Seiten dieses Buches in ihr Album aufbewahren, aber sie wollte unbedingt das ganze Buch  behalten. Deswegen habe ich ein Begleit-Mini Album gewerkelt.

Es heißt: Hello true friend: Dein Lieblingsbuch 😉

True Friend Mini Album

True Friend Mini Album

Die Seiten bestehen aus 3×4″ Karten aus den April Project Life Kit.

Die Karten sind wunderschön und perfekt für dieses Projekt. Es sind mehrere Karten mit Bücher-Sprüche im Kit vorhanden.

True Friend Mini Album

Meine Tochter freut sich sehr über das Mini Album!

Vielen Dank für den heutigen Besuch und viel Spaß beim weiterhopsen!

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Scrapbooking and memory keeping plans

A new year means time to evaluate and make plans. Keep with what is working and start new, where it is not so great. Yes, I am talking about Scrapbooking 😉

I LOVE to scrap layouts. It is easy and fun for me, I can use all those beautiful paper and embellishments I love, I tell the stories I want to tell.

I love to mix photos + paper + words. I just love it and I’ll keep scrapping piles and piles of layouts and put them in albums, just the way I’ve been doing the past 10 years.




I am an album person. I usually scrap a bunch of layouts and let them stay a bit on my desk and them put them away into albums.

My album system is nothing special: I make one album per year per child. I have an album for me, a family photos album, a monthly – layout album from 2005 to 2010 (not completed) and few theme albums (the garden, Sudan + Dubai, Spain and France, all work-in-progress).

As you see there are lots of albums in the Baer household 🙂 And they are not all black leather. They are different sizes and different colors.

There are two white albums in the bottom row in the above photo: they are the first scrapbooks I made for my oldest daughter and they are wonderful in their imperfect glory. One album for 2005 and one for 2006. Them I switched to digital. From 2006-2010 I scrapped only digitally and printed my layouts at home with my home printer. These layouts are all 8×8″ and live on those 9 albums you see in the photo above. Three albums for each child.

On the top row you see the brown and the colorful albums, they are the 2011 – 2012 albums, size A4. 2013 I switched to Letter size and got American Crafts cloth albums again. I love them. I wish I could move all the 2011 – 12 layout to cloth album but the size is different and I would need to re-buid each layout cutting a stripe on the top or botton and adding a stripe on the sides. Or cut 12×12″ page protectors down. It is do-able but, no, thank you. Not yet 😉




In the photo above you see the 2013 and 2014 albums, the family album and the years albums (monthly digital layouts from 2005 to 2010, all in progress). They are all in my studio because they are the albums I work the most. The other albums are in the living room and are complete (or almost complete).




And them, there is project life.

I really love my project life albums but work on them is a pain. As I said, I am a layout person kind of scrapper.

The 2011 album is the one with the most holes to fill, but I already got all the photos printed and I have a journal that I kept that year. So, I’ll be doind those spreads. I actually enjoy working on this album, as it is already somehow complete and I only have to put things together.

2012 is missing some weeks (4 weeks or so, I do not know exactly) and is quite a task to get it finished as I did not work with a weekly system and I have to move things around a lot to get the holes filled.

The 2013 album is complete. Yes, seriously.

The 2014 album is almost ready. Two weeks in November and the last December week and that’s it. It is the album that I like the most. I have worked with a page per week and it just feels right. When I missed a week it was pretty easy to come back and finish it. There was a spot for it. So great.

As you see I already accomplished a lot of memory keeping with project life but the truth is that I do not really enjoy it. So, my idea right now is to keep a journal, take my photos and if I feel like doing a project life album for 2015 I can always put it together as I am doing with 2011.

This year I want to focus on doing layouts, and I have some goals:

– I want to use my Studio Calico kits. I have 20 SC kits here and most of them are almost new. I want to scrap one layout per week with my SC kits, probably following the #SCSketch that they post on their blog every Sunday. I love my kits and I love  sketch #winwin



this is my layout with the #SCSketch from January 4th using the Walden Scrapbook Kit 🙂


– I want to keep my Inspired Friday project. Love to use my supplies and the inspiration from Pinterest just for fun. First inspired friday of 2015 comes this week *wink wink*

– Make the most of my Dani Peuss Kits. I really love Dani’s choice of product and have a great time killing my kits 🙂 I plan to kill them all this year, scrapping at least 6 layouts with each kit.

– Finish two projects – the Sudan-Egypt-Dubai album (about our ime in Africa and Middle East between 2004-2005) and the France travels handbook albums – and start two new projects, the Spain handbook (about the years we lived in Spain and our travels there) and the House handbook – we’ve changed a lot in our house and I would like to have everything in one place.

– finish the 2011 and 2012 project life albums.


That’s pretty much everything about my scrapbooking and memory keeping plans for 2015.

How about you? Did you wrote about your 2015 scrapbooking plans? please link in the comments!

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Real Christmas Cards for those I love


Ja, es ist wieder so weit! In nur zwei Tage werden wir das erste Kalendertürchen aufmachen und es geht wieder los! Und es wird wieder zauberhaft!

Ich liebe die Vorweihnachtszeit. Ich liebe die Lichter, das Wetter, der Weihnachtsbaum im Wohnzimmer. Ich liebe Weihnachtslieder.

Und ich liebe, echten Weihnachtskarten zu verschicken. Mit echten gedruckten Fotos von uns dabei. Per Post. Ihr wisst schon, was ich meine.


Yes, it is really happening, Christmas is on its way! I can’t believe that in two days I’ll be starting my 5th year of December Daily and that the most magical time of year will begin.

I love Christmas time. I love the lights, the cold, the cozy. I love Christmas trees. I love Christmas songs.

And I love to send real cards for those I love.





Ich habe eigentlich keine Zeit, echten Weihnachtskarten zu basteln, schreiben und verschicken. Und ich werde wahrscheinlich nie haben 🙂 Es ist aber eine Priorität für mich.

Eine andere Priorität ist das Lächeln meiner Mutter, die Patentanten und Patenonkeln den Kindern und meine beste Freundin, wenn sie eine Karte mit Bild und schönen lieben Wörtern von uns in die Hand halten.

Ein Email ist nicht das gleich. Ganz sicher nicht!


Time is short and this will probably not change. It’s all about priorities.

It is about the smile in the faces from my mother, the kids Godmothers and Godfathers and my best friend that will receive a real Christmas card, with a printed picture of us and the kids inside.

An email does not bring the same love message. No way!

Christmas Cards Kits


Ich habe 7 Karten mit den “Weihnachtspost” Karten Kit gebastelt. Für derjenigen, die lieber traditionellen Weihnachtsfarben bevorzugen, gibt es den “Frohes Fest” Kit. Die Weihnachtskartensets sind was ganz besonderes, weil ihr auch ein PDF mit Anleitung für 7 Karten und 6 Minikarten mitbekommt. Ihr erhaltet eine PDF-Datei mit detaillierten Fotos und eine Übersicht der Materialien die ich für jede Karte verwendet habe. So habt Ihr einen schönen Satz von Karten in kürzester Zeit fertig. Ich habe ungefähr zwei Stunden für die 7 Karten gebraucht. 


I created 7 cards with the Jolly Holly Kit available on my Etsy store here. It took me about two hours to get them ready and they are beautiful. If you purchase the kit you will receive a PDF with pictures from my cards and the material used so you can recreate them in no time. Everything you need is included in the kit, even the blank cards and envelopes. And if you prefer more traditional Christmas colors, the Merry Christmas Kit is the right choice.


Morgen ist Blog-Hop Tag, unbedingt mal vorbei schauen 😉

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Days 23 & 24 Scrapbook Layouts: Beach Vacation Photos

We finally started back working on the makes of my new studio so today I will be showing you two layouts. It is quite hard to keep blogging everyday. Time is short. Motivation to take pictures of the layouts, upload to Flickr and bloggen is almost zero 😉

The first is called “Beach Fun” and has a classic grid arrangement with 4 photos from Summer 2013.


Beach fun

Beach fun

Beach fun


I finally put my Crate Paper “The Pier” papers for a good use 😉 The bold patterned paper that I used for my background was my color guide for the choice of embellishments and bits of paper. My favorite classic thickers make their appearance too.


The next layout is called “Vacation” is a, for me, classic two-photos layout.



Badge from the “need it” set available on my Etsy and Dawanda Stores. Vacation sign is from the Crate Paper Open Road Ephemera Pack.






Not sure if I’ll be adding something to the botton of this page in the future, I feel like something is still missing but I called it good (for now).

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