Getting started with mixed media collages

I am so excited to share my newest Skillshare class with you today: Getting started with mixed media collages. I love to make collages! I believe that making collages is the easiest way to create art and be happy with what you created. And all you need are some inexpensive tools and materials. Here is the Welcome video for this class:



In this class I’ll walk through the creation of three mixed media collages from easy to advanced that will build your skills.



You will have so much fun watching and creating! And in no time you will be addicted and will have lots of journals around, like me 😉


Art Journals

If you are a Skillshare premium member, please enroll through this LINK.

No premium membership yet? You only need to register to Skillshare (sorry, can’t skip this step) and when you will be asked if you want to try a premium membership or keep being a free member, just choice the free membership.  Once you are registered you can join the fun through this LINK.

See you in the classroom!

New Class: Quick Christmas Cards

Can you believe it is November already? If you still did not start making your Christmas Cards, it is seriously time to do it 🙂

My newest Skillshare class “Quick Christmas Cards” is here to help you to have some cute handmade Christmas cards ready to go today! I’ll show how to make 4 easy and quick cards and you can use these designs as a base to make lots of other cards.

Remember, you can take all my classes on Skillshare and tousands of other fantastic classes for only $0.99 for the first 3 months of membership!

If you are unsure about a Skillshare membership, please go to the Baers Garten Designs Facebook Page and grab a free enrollment link for this class 😉

See you in the classroom!



My favorite Skillshare classes

As promised, I am here today with my favorite Skillshare classes, some of them are free to try and some are premium classes (aka member classes). You can try Slillshare for 3 months for $0.99 through this link or you can just register for a free membership and try the free classes.

I choice to share a bit about these classes because they are very inspiring to me and all gave me the feeling that I had to start to work on my project right now. I love when inspiration hits me this way! Here I go:

  1. Introduction to Modern Calligraphy by Molly Jacques (Premium class)


    This was the first class I took on Skillshare. I can say out loud that it was life changing for me. I was always interested in calligraphy and this class is simply the best class for beginners. And if you give a look through the projects in the “project class” section you will see that it was not only for me. I highly recommend this class!

  2. Travel photography: seeing, shooting and editing by Dan Rubin  (premium class)


In this class, Dan Rubin shares his perspective on getting these 5 kind of photo styles during a trip to New York:

  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Off the Beaten Path
  • Middle of the Road
  • Signs of Life
  • Iconic Postcard

He also talks about cameras, and editing. A class that makes one want to go out and start shooting.

3. How to make authentic parisienne traditional and chocolate croissants by Leslie Osborne (free class)


I’ve never seem a cooking class so good looking as this one! And look and these croissants, come on! I have to try my hand on this even if it will probably be much more work than I usually invest in my baking endeavors 😉 but me and my kids love chocolate croissants, so … it is a must. And this class is free! what are you waiting for to join?

4. Expressive Little Faces by Amarilys Henderson (premium class)


OMG, how cute these faces are! When I first saw this class I loved the look of that faces, the vintage look of them I might add. They look like they just sprang from a book from my childhood and I love everything about it! The instructions are clear, and make you want to start drawing immediately! so fun!


And of course, I have to tell a bit about my very class, Mixed Paper Journals. It is a premium class but you can join it for free using THIS upper secret link 😉 but run, there are only 6 free enrollments left.

Here are some sneak peaks of the two projects that I am making in the class: a travel journal and a Christmas binder, perfect for the upcoming Season.

christmas1 christmas6

In the class I’ll show how to make the binder from start to finish 🙂

And this is the travel journal:


Thanks for visiting my today and have a fun week!




My first class: Mixed Paper Journals

What a crazy week this has been so far! I got very busy editing the videos to my first class, Mixed Paper Journals, which is now available at Skillshare.

What I love about Skillshare is that there is a large variety of classes to choice from and they are all small sized. So you can really learn or improve a skill every single day!

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Skillshare classes on a separated blog post soon. Of course you can hop over and gave a look around and I am sure you will find lots of classes you love!

In my class I’ll show how to create two mixed paper journals using materials that you already have in your stash. I’ll also show how I used two similar journals that I created in the past so you get inspired and start creating for yourself!

Here is the introduction video for the class:

If you had said to me about one month ago that I would be publishing a class by the end of September I would probably call you crazy. I was so “afraid” of making videos!

But I would be not me if I wouldn’t do my best and try. So I started with the Inspired Fridays videos that I shared with you here in the blog the past weeks and learned all the tricks that I need to create and edit my scrapbook videos. I am sure they will get even better with the time but I might confess that I am already very happy with them. Please be kind to me as I am not a native English speaker and I sometimes have to stop and think to find the right words 😉

Here are some sneak peaks of the two projects that I am making in the class: a travel journal and a Christmas binder, perfect for the upcoming Season.

christmas1 christmas6

In the class I’ll show how to make the binder from start to finish 🙂

And this is the travel journal:


The best thing is that you can try Skillshare for only $0,99 Cents for the first three months and if you decide to keep your membership it costs only $8 per month. With tousands of classes to choice from, this is sure a great deal! Be sure to take my class and let me know what you think if you decide to try a membership!

I’ll be back next Friday with a new Inspired Friday video 🙂

have a wonderful weekend!