Another year, another attempt to complete a 100 day project.

Last year I started a 100 days of watercolors and decided to quit after few days. When I started I had this idea (dream) that I could start painting and if I did it for 100 days I would sure improve my skills and get a routine. It all sounds wonderful but the truth is that I am, by no means, a painter. I can’t bring myself to paint something everyday. I can’t bring myself to paint something everyday that I would share here in the blog or on social media 😉

This year, when I saw it was time for another 100 day project hosted by Elle Luna, I knew for sure that I wanted to try again. I also knew that I wanted to make something that I already love to do, have the skills to do, and would like to improve.

Enter collage.

I’ve been making collages for many years already but never got a consistent routine of doing them, but I love, love, to combine scraps of papers into something. It is my happy place.

I’ve started a 100 collages project last year called #tellme100 where I combine quotes and collage and decided to use it as inspiration and start point for this years 100 day project and this way #100daysofcollagesongs was born!


The idea is to combine song lyrics / quotes with collage for 100 days.

I’ll recicle a moleskine planner as background for my collages and I am sure it will get pretty full 🙂

So, come and follow along on Instagram. I can’t wait to see what the next 100 days will bring!

Let’s make art! My #tellme100 project

I started 2016 with the good intention of making 100 collages.

I didn’t.

I really love making collages – it is quick, I love to play with paper (and I have a huge collection of paper scraps), it is so uncomplicated and super therapeutic too..

I ask myself why did I not manage to get my 100 little pieces done this year… but instead of looking to what I did not make I decided to keep going and be strong for the next two months and beyond. I’ll eventually make my 100 collages and will them start again. Because I love it and it makes me happy.

baersgarten-tellme100-round1#tellme100 on Instagram

These are the first 12 collages I did and just looking at them all together makes my hear smile. So you will see a lot of these here and on my Instagram account in the next time.

Hope you follow and comment and help me to keep creating 🙂 Let’s make art!

Have a wonderful day everyone!





Collage Nr 7 – 11

100 collages

(I just started a project of making 100 collages, you can read about it here)

It has been a while since I did a collage, so I went back to the  Collage Wokshop book seeking for inspiration and found it! I created a serie of small collages using scraps. Each little collage has its own color and feel.

 Collage 7 - 11

Collage Nr 7: You can go your own way

Collage 7

Collage Nr 8: Sew with love

 Collage 8

Collage Nr 9: Summer Memories

Collage 9

Collage Nr 10: Travel Treasures

Collage 10

Collage Nr 11: Birthday Girls

Collage 11

Thanks for stopping by today!

Collage Nr 6

(I just started a project of making 100 collages, you can read about it here)

This time I took one of the challenges from the Collage Wokshop book and created a collage using an image from a storybook. I love it. I now have to find a frame (or a piece of wood where I can mount it) and display in my office.

Collage Nr 6 “I am only happy when it rains”

Collage nr 6

(Layers of scrapbook paper, vintage sewing chart and office paper in the background)
Collage nr 6

I added a Lufpost / Airmail Envelope under the text. Love how the colors match! Arrow stamp is Amy Tangerine Sketchbook and “that’s what she said” is Studio Calico Hey Y’All.

Collage Nr 5

(I just started a project of making 100 collages, you can read about it here)

Here is collage Nr 5, called Hauptwerte und Rundwerte.

Collage nr 5

Layers of scrapbook paper, hambly overlay, office paper, washi tape, gesso and stitching for the background. I think it looks like a scrapbook layout but I am a scrapbooker, I have to keep working to make something different.
Collage nr 5

These stars are from Studio calico, sequins available on my etsy store.

Collage nr 5

The typewriter stamp is an old set from Pink Paislee.

Collages Nr 3 & Nr 4

(I just started a project of making 100 collages, you can read about it here)

Collages nr 3 and 4 are made of magazine images from one of those 100.000 magazines I am keeping for this reason, to make collages.

Collage Nr 3: Eyes wide open

Collage nr 3

 Materials used: Black Cardstock and magazine image


Collage Nr 4. True Blue
Collage nr 4

Materials used: Cardboard box (from amazon) and magazine image.

Collage Nr 2

(I just started a project of making 100 collages, you can read about it here)

Collage Nr 2 was totally inspired by the vintage snail card. My little daughter loves snails. If she does not want to walk all the way to Kindergarden I just need to say “let’s look for snails” and she forgets the drama and keep walking 😉 I have to get thi collage framed for her room.

Collage Nr 2. Snips and Snails

Collage nr 2

Collage nr 2

About this collage: Size is 6×6″. Background is a grid of patterned paper and a scrap of hambly overlay. I did the dots with this mask from Donna Downey studios – I am pretty much over-using it actually, really in love! – and structure paste (from the craft store). Brad is an oldie from American Crafts. Buttons are vintage.

100 Collages

Totally inspired by this post from Julie Balzer I decided I am also going to start a 100 project. Please click on the categories menu on the right side to see what I’ve been creating or visit my Flickr gallery.

100 collages.

I want to start making collages in regular basis for a while already. I took 15364749 classes. I bought books. I am collecting interesting images for months. But I do not start. I keep waiting for something.

I am very interested in art journal and cutting / gluing paper without the worries that come together with the make of a scrapbooking layout. No worries about if everything is neat, if the colors match, journaling, photos and so it goes.

My goals for this project are pretty simple: I want to get more confident with making collages and I want to get a routine, get some art done that is not related to scrapbooking.

I do not have a deadline for this project, I’ll post the collages here as I get them ready.

There is no defined size for them but they are going to be small and squared (probably I’ll stick with 6×6″).

Here is Collage Nr 1, a little canvas called “Ain’t no sunshine”

 Collage nr 1

Collage nr 1

Collage nr 1

A little bit about this collage: Canvas size is 5.5 x 5.5 in. Background is made of paper scraps covered with gesso. I painted the face with acrylic paint and watercolor pencils onto watercolor paper. The sun is a piece of Studio Calico Mistable Weather. The flower is an old Prima flower from my stash, the lace is also from Prima. Button is vintage. The washi tape with gold polka dots is available on my Etsy store. Ain’t no sunshine is one of my favorite songs ever.