Project Life May 2017

Hello and welcome to May 2017! This month I kept the documentation quite simple. One 12×12″ page per week, 16 photos.

Looking to this pages I see lots of stories I want to tell in the kids albums. Like the little girl’s love for her pink Nike Pullover, and that she is growing her bangs…

Project Life Week 18


…and how the boy loves his skateboard, a gift from his aunt.


Project Life - week 20

I might scrap about the end of the handball Season, how the boys lost the title in the last minute and how sad they were.

and about how the girl’s team won the Season in the very last game, and surprised everybody with their fierce and team work.

and how awesome all these kids were.

Project Life - week 19

I still did not scrap a layout about my mother’s stay here this year.

Project Life Week 21

And I really have to make a page with this same photo of the little girl waiting to give one of her Handball coach a flower on her Wedding Day. About how she was so impressed by the bride, who, in her words, looked like a princess.

Project Life

There are so many little stories in our lives, waiting to be told. That’s why I love scrapbooking so very much.

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Project Life April 2017

Hello friends, here’s to my Project Life pages for April.

I lost lots of blog posts last month while I was trying some other templates for the blog. Some posts were replaced with advertisement content and I had no choice but to delete the posts and now I am re-writing them.

So, let’s do it!

Week 13:

Project Life 2017

Project Life 2017

This is a close up of the Lego City in the boy’s room. There are actually a city and a forest where all the princess and elves live.

Weeks 14 and 15:

Project Life Week 14

Project Life Week 15

Title cards from the printable set  “Weekly” available on my Etsy shop.


Week 16 was “Week in the Life”, and I documented each day of the week with a two pages spread.








For week 17 I created a two pages spread. I usually take more photos and write more after a Week in the Life documentation:

Project Life Week 17

Project Life Week 17

Project Life Week 17

That was April in the Baer’s household. Thanks for stopping by today!

Project Life March 2017

Last month some of my blog posts got lost, while I was trying other blog design templates. So frustrating!

So, here we go with the pages I did for my Project Life Album in March.

For these pages I used the Project Life Everyday Core Kit and I so love it. The colors are pretty, the cards are simple, it is the best example of less is more.

Here is the week 9:

Project Life 2017

Everyday Edition Core Kit and “Monthly” printable cards.

Week 10: Trying a new craft table, where I could work standing. It did not work, to unstable.

Project Life 2017

Week 11: We travelled to the Netherlands to visit the boy’s Godfather. Full house with 6 kids.

Project Life 2017

Week 12: The weather was suddenly so good, the kids were everyday playing outside in the backyard. And my husband build a craft island with kitchen and office elements from Ikea. It is so perfect and I love it!

Project Life 2017

Week 13: My mother arrived!

Project Life 2017

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Week in the Life 2017 – Sunday

Another Week in the life documentation in the books. I truly enjoyed it again this time around.

This was a special week and Sunday was the wonderful day when the boy and the little girl celebrated their first Holly Communion. Family and friends joined us on this day and everybody was so happy.

Here is how this special day looks like in the album:

Week in the Life 2017 Sunday

Week in the Life 2017 Sunday

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