Lets talk about albums

If are a scrapbooker and on Instagram you are also probably following the awesome Becky Higgins as she goes through her albums and re-evaluates her scrapbook process in a project called #projectphotorescue. Becky shared that she has made 138 scrapbooks, being 75 family albums and 33 themed albums.

I decided to join her in this process and think about scrapbook and what it means to me, where I am and where I want to go.

But first, lets talk about the scrapbooks I have made. There are lots of them!


This is a bookcase in our living room. For the sake of our precious little space, I only have one box of memorabilia, mostly travel memorabilia. When the kids bring things home I decide imediately if it goes to the Project Life album, to the kids album or to the garbage. I still have some things from the kindergarten years to get sorted, but the new things are all in the albums.






These are some example of how the school memorabilia I “save” looks like in the kids albums. At the end of the school year, I ask the kids to go through their papers and books and choice what they want to keep. They always come with a lot more than I want, mostly drawings LOL So, I sort it once more and I also check their pile pf unwanted things and might rescue something that catches my attention. I put the papers immediately in the kids albums, and some in the project life album for that year. All other stuff go. No regrets about it. I’ve saved a bit of everything – their handwriting, their drawings, their texts. That’s enough.




I keep the cards we receive, all of them. Christmas cards in the December Daily albums, birthday cards for the kids in their albums, random cards in a pocket in the project life album.

So, now you know what is tipically inside of the albums, lets back to that first picture from our living room, now with some numbers in it:



1. my childhood photos. There are nine 6×4″ albums with photos in it. My dream is to have it all in a 12×12″ album, with a mix of divided page protectors and layouts someday. I already started this album of me. You can see some of the layouts I scrapped here. Besides these photos there is only a little box of printed photos in our house. I prefer to only print the photos when I have a  project life spread or a layout in the works. The printed photos I have are remains of the time I did not have a photo printer and ordered photos in a bulk.

2. Three pregnancy scrapbooks, one for each child.

3. The little girl’s albums from 2011 – 2014. Her albums are green, her favorite color. 2011 is A4 format (in light green), 2012 – 2014 are 8.5×11″ cloth albums from American Crafts.

4. Big girl’s albums, 2011 – 2014. All in pink 😉 Same thing here: 2011 is A4 format (in floral pink), 2012 – 2014 are 8.5×11″ cloth albums from American Crafts.

5. The kids albums from 2007 – 2010. These are 8×8″ cloth albums from American Crafts and contain mostly printed digital layouts. I scrapped digitally when the kids were small and we lived abroad. I did a bunch of mini albums that time as well. Here is how one of these albums look like:



Since digital layouts are flat, there are tons of them in these albums. There also some “analog” layouts in between (as you can see in the third photo) and memorabilia.

6. Old travel photo-albums from my husband and I, from our time before kids. Unfortunately without any journaling 🙁

7. The first two scrapbooks I made for the big girl in 2005 and 2006. They are a labor of love and very artsy. I made these albums with awesome handmade paper, matted all the photos and wrote almost nothing. These pages are beautiful but I feel sad for the lacking of journaling. I still know how I felt that time, but of course, the details are gone. What a pity!


8. The boy’s albums, 2011 – 2014. The brown albums are A4 size, the blue cloth albums are 8.5″x11″.

9. The family album (brown), the “years” albums  with monthly layouts I used to make in the time before I discovered Project Life (red),  and an album with digital layouts about me. These albums are also 8×8″.

10. Handbooks: One about the garden (my husband’s hobby), one about the time my husband and I lived in Sudan and Dubai, one for our travels in France. I plan to add an album for Spain, the time we lived there and our vacations and one for Italy vacations. The empty place you see on the left of these albums is actually not empty: the kids 2015 – 2016 albums (one per kid) are usually there. They are currrently in my office, as I am adding the memorabilia and some layouts from 2015 to them.


But wait, there is more! There are 6 project life albums in my office, one for each year from 2011 – 2016. One album per year, with ~60 pages per album. My 12×12″ album (the green one in the picture above) and a 12×12″ album with the “Me, the abridged version” for project life. I specially love this album and might write a post about it.

Not showed: all the mini albums (travel minis are in the attic in a basket and the kids minis in their rooms), December Daily albums from 2008 – 2015, 3 Week in the life albums, our wedding album.

That makes 55 scrapbooks! (not counting the mini albums here).

I might say that I am pretty shocked about that number. I never thought it was that much, even if I am seeing all these albums around me on a daily basis.

As I said before, the place in our household is limited. We live in a small house. And, most importantly, I am not a horder. Really not! But 55 scrapbooks are a LOT and, because I love this hobby of mine so very much, there is more to come.

So, where does this road will take me, my kids, and these scrapbooks?

The idea is that the kids take their albums with them when they move out. Each one of them shall have about 15 albums by them if I keep scrapping the way I do actually. The Project Life albums, my about me albums, and the family, travel and December Daily albums will stay with me and my husband. So, from those 55 albums, 27 are actually not mine. It means that”only” 18 of that 55 scrapbooks really belong to me and this number makes me feel really better LOL



I really love scrapbooking and I have no intention of scrapping less. I love all the albums, I love the memories, I love the photos, the papers, the beautiful scrapbook supplies. I love to play with paper and adhesives. Scrapbook has made my life more beautiful and I wish I have discovered it before. No regrets!

So, I’ll move things around and find room to the albums to come, I’ll keep adding memorabilia to the albums and not collecting it, I’ll keep printing photos as I go. I’ll add journaling to all my pages, to make their scrapbooks more meaningfull.

Feel free to ask any questions about the albums, I’ll answer them in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by today.



what’s my name?

My name


Good morning! Today I am sharing a page I did a while ago for the “Projekt ich” (Project me) that is running in the Dani Peuss.de Forum since June.

This page is going to my “Album for me”, you can see more layouts I scrapped about me here. I hope they inspire you to scrap about you too.



Für den Projekt Ich bei Dani Peuss.de habe ich eine Seite mit Herkunft und Bedeutung meinen Name gemacht. Ich habe aber vergessen, hier in den Blog zu stellen.

Ich mache schon seit ein paar Jahren ein Album über mich. Das Album ist 12×12″ aber es sind auch 8.5×11″ und 8×8″ Seiten und unterteilte Schutzhüllen dabei. Ihr könntet mehr Layouts hier sehen. Ich hoffe, es inspiriert euch vielen schönen Seiten über euch zu scrappen 🙂

My name

My name



AC – Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm – Doting Dots
AC – Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm – This & That
Fancy Pants – Trend Setter – Classy
Fancy Pants – Trend Setter – Price Tag
Fancy Pants – Down by The Shore – Striped Towel 
Punch all over the Page – Classic Butterfly
October Afternoon – Farmhouse – Mini Market Sticker Gray & Cream 

Fashion Memories

Fashion memories *Studio Calico October Kit*

I am still firm in my resolution to get my own pictures scrapped and stories told.

This layout is about my clothes preference in my early twenties, so fun. I loved romantic dresses and jumpers, the more small flowers or patterns the better. I was saving that Little Yellow Bicycle paper since, well, three years, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it (in fact I did not want to cut it or to cover it LOL). I thought the colors went great with my Studio Callico Kit leftovers and the blue background, so I decided to put it in good use, finally.

Fashion memories *Studio Calico October Kit*

Love that stamp from Stampers Anonymous.

I remember we stopped in the highway to take this picture because the bridge we were about to cross is so long that we could not see the other side. There is a better take when the two of us actually look to the camera, I’ll use that picture to scrap about the trip 😉

Fashion memories *Studio Calico October Kit*

Have you scrapped a picture of YOU lately?

31 things

I subscribed for the 31 things class by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes but did not scrapped the way I wanted following the class prompts. I wasn’t sure about the album format to use, but sure did not want to follow Ali’s album format, so where to start?

It took me more than two months to find the answer but now I am very happy with my decision of using the prompts to scrap old and new stories and include them in my albums.

The first layout I did is about earrings 🙂 I have my left ear pierced 4 times and the right ear only 1 time. In this page I explain how it came to this combination and why.


And yes, the picture is related to my story lol. My BFF and I shared a pair of earrings the day that picture was taken, both of us were very proud of our friendship earrings.

Earrings (detail)

Kraft Tag from my Etsy Store, the adorable striped paper is from Kesi Art.

My goal is to scrap one page every week using Ali’s prompts. Wish me luck!

Two layouts for my album

it keeps going.

I got lot of no-scrapbooking related work this week but I found a little time to scan some pictures and make a page and a two pages layout.

No way I will have this album the way I wanted for my birthday next weekend. It is how life goes.

Vitorio, the pig

 Vitorio the pig

Thiis was gift from my aunt Barbara many moons ago. I love him 🙂 it was one of the treasures I brought with me when I moved from Brazil to Germany in 2000. And the little pillow too, but this is theme for another layout 😉
Vitorio the pig

Love the teal patchwork alpha, I only have some leftover of it but the color simply latched to Victorios color so I had to use it in this layout. The “i” was a number 1, the “r” was a J. If I do not tell you can only feel that there is something wrong with the letters, not konwing what, right? 🙂
Vitorio the pig

Lots of journaling on the handmade lined tags telling his story.

My Baptism

This layout was hands down, the most difficult to put together until now.

The pictures sizes, the orientation, the colors…

The pictures are really yellow-redish but I wanted to use the originals. I scanned them and saved, jut in case the images disappear sometimes (need to do the same with my first birthday pictures, which look pretty similar to thoese).

Here is page one all alone:


And the page two:


I used the Paper heart collection from Crate paper for these pages. The background in the first page is made of three paper stripes, the background from the second page is made of two paper stripes. I decided to keep it simple here, repeating the elements in both pages: three groups with journaling tags, butterflies and buttons.
Baptism (detail)
Baptism (detail)
Baptism (detail)



I had these pages. And I did not like them. It is not difficult to imagine why.

Big city (old)

They are unbalanced, the choice of colors is a nightmare and the overall layout is bad.

No way to make in the new album.

I started removing everything I wanted to use from the old pages (pictures, title and journaling) and came across this:
Big city (old) detail

I adhered thickers and stitched the photo 🙁

Of course there was a solution:)

 Big city (new)

I trimmed the photo to 3.5 x 3.5 in. I removed the thickers and re-used them – these teal alpha was my favorite for a long time, I had it three times lol I scrapped a page I love, my favorite format, my trustful and beautiful kraft cardstock 🙂 (light kraft from American Crafts). And I did it in about 15 minutes.

 Big city (new) detail

I am a happy camper !

I got inspired to re-do another page and so I did:

 12 years (old)

From this page there was not a lot to save but the picture and the letters:
12 years (new)

I copied the journaling in a piece of notebook paper with my handwriting (the original journaling was in a fun handwriting font which was very difficult to read) and added to the maya Road pocket. Background paper is Studio Calico. The arrows stamp is Amy Tangerine Sketchbook.

12 years (new) detail

It is simple and perfect. I am loving each new (old) page I am adding to my album. It is coming together so nicely 🙂 only three weeks to go!

An album for me – some layouts

Memory Lane

This is about the city I was born. I do not have any memories of  the first three years of my life that I lived there. In 2002 I visited it for a day because I had to pick up some documents and had the opportunity to look around, as a foreign.

 Memory Lane

These are my mother and I in front of the house we lived.

Memory Lane (detail)

credits: June Kit “Geschichten-Erzähler” by Dani Peuss.de


Together Time

 Finally a 12×12 in layout! It is really hard to me to scrap in this size but I can really put lots of photos in a page and I love it!
The original vintage photos of mine showing the little me, our dog and my parents on the beach are precious to me.

I created this page with the May Kit “Mein Tag” by Dani Peuss.de


Rio de Janeiro

Another 12×12 in layout using a grid. I absolutely LOVE these pictures.


I have to ask my mother about my first beach holidays and add a journaling page next to these pictures 😉


Everything from the May Kit “Mein Tag” by Dani Peuss.de

An album for me

I  decided to make an album for me. Not that I do not have albuns or scrapbooks, I sure do. But I decided I wanted to have a beautiful, 12×12 in with lots of 8.5 x11 in pages in between. An album that look like the albuns I make for my kids.

And I decided to get it done in less than four weeks. More precisely until June 16th, my birthday. I’ll share my experience during the next weeks with you and will show my growing album and new layouts along the way.

But now, first things first: I started collecting all of the layouts I could find about me, some in albums, some in the kids albuns (!), some in boxes. I them got a nice pile.

Layouts and more layouts

This picture makes me smile. I did not knew I had such an amazing amount of pages about me. I love it. There are pages about my favorite boots, my birthdays, dinner with friends and cinema. Lots of pieces of me.

There are definetely to many 8×8 in pages. Too much to fit nicely in this album the way I want to have it. I did not count them but there are at least 40 pages in this size. I decided to separathe them in traditional x digital scrapped pages:

 Digital and traditional layouts

But what to do with them if they do not fit in the album? well, you can call me crazy but I decided to keep most of the digital pages and to re-do the traditional + some of the digital pages.


Yes, you read it right, I’ll re-do the layouts in other size, some pages I’ll make completely new, some pages I’ll only attach to a large background paper, some I’ll print in another size – love digi scrap ! 🙂 – These are the layouts that did not make straight to the album:


I do also have lots of digital pages printed 6×6 in 🙁 I am not thrilled about the small layouts but they are definetely nice and I won’t re-scrap or re-print those pages so I will be using an small album from my local bookstore to hold them. So, in the end of this project I’ll have 2 albums all about me myself and I 🙂

And I also got an American Crafts Cloth album and page protectors in all of the sizes I need (12×12 in | 8.5×11 in | 8×8 in)

The new albums

I put all the layouts that make straight to the album in it’s pages protectors and called it done for today.

Tomorrow I’ll re-do / adapt some of the 8×8 in layouts to a new format. Wish me lucky!