My craft supplies Cart

A couple of days ago I organized my Ikea RASKOG cart and this is the result:


The cart isn’t alone anymore, I added two little BYGEL baskets. They sit really firm, and are the perfect spot for glue, eraser, pencils, scissors…


A view from above ūüôā



On the top I placed the embellishments. Each pack is placed in a plastic bag and the bags in small Ikea¬†SAMLA boxes. On the back side of the boxes there is place for 6×12″ sticker sheets.




The middle basket contain 4 small Ikea SKUBBA boxes with frames, stamps and buttons / enamel dots. I also squeezed a fabric basket that holds glue.




The botton basket is the home of my 6×6″ paper pads and brads (also in a SKUBBA box).

For those of you that are wondering, these are all my embellishments (I have a basket on my desktop for badges and a SAMLA box for tags). These are all my 6×6″ paper pads. And almost all my stamps (the wood mounted stamps are in a drawer together with acrylic blocks and ink pads).

I thought a lot before I purchased my cart. The 65 Euro price tag was a bit scary for me. But it is totally worth its price. It holds a lot and looks cute. Win, win!

In my opinion, the¬†RASKOG cart is a must for all scrapbookers, no matter how big or small your stash is. There are lots of options for boxes that fit inside the baskets. The baskets are large, steady and deep enough that the supplies will not “drop out”. At the same time, everything remains reachable. It is simply perfect to have lots of supplies organized and easy to grab at the same time. I love it!

Thanks for stopping by today!

My (updated) Studio

I finally got the studio clean and organized again. 

It was quite the crazy idea to reaorganize it (and get to reorganize the entire house as a domino effect) but I am so happy with the end result! 

(Photos and current albums)

(my sewing supplies and fabric – perhaps I’ll finally start to learn to sew now)

Got this drawer for 2 Euro in the recycling bin from Ikea. Perfect for my art journals and supplies.

Love the expedit and the Alex side by side! I had to have a little bit of cluster on the expedit top but there os no way to change it. The space is limited and I go to use the only wall in the room until the top ūüôā

(my working table with my cutting machine with view to my  favorite wall)

And my fellows Geraldo, Justin and Junior, my kids before I had kids. They are so lovely that they agree to live in the studio even if it is unbearable hot there just to be with me (and play with my stickers while I sleep – at least the kids always says that “it was the snowmen” LOL)

Back home…

While¬†unpacking 10 suitcases (yes, you read it right), doing the post-vacation laundry and clean, I decided it was a great time to sort the kids clothes and also¬†a great time to finally get a desk in the girls room, so the big girl has a place in her room (and not in mama’s studio, you know, the one hot in the summer and cold in the wonter LOL)¬†to do her¬†homework.

The desk was in mama’s studio (and since the big girl has school break) full of scrap supplies on it and mama wasn’t ready to give the girl her desk back LOL

There was also a problem with mama’s sew corner because she has bought LOTS (did I wrote it¬†large enough? LOL) of sew supplies and fabric during the holidays – so many beautiful things, and the prices were so good, mama could not resist!

(bunny waiting for backside surgery in the sew corner)

Mama tried hard to go back to the previous state of only having one table for scrapbooking and also tried to get all the new stuff into the boxes and shelves in the sew corner but it was impossible!  What could mama do?

She thought about it two days straight. She moved the entire furniture in her dreams. She also considered the option of moving to a bigger house LOL

And them she found the only¬†solution (better said, a combination of solutions):¬†move the Expedit from the girls room to the studio, the expedit from the boy room to another corner, to resize the lego city, to create a corner for the Barbie world, sort all of the kids toys so they could fit in less boxes (remember, the expedit was going to mama’s studio!), bring the games and the puzzles to te living room so the lego and cars would have place in the boy’s closet, and take everything out of the shelves in mama’s studio, so she could make place for the new fabric & co.

A trip to Ikea was indispensable as well.

After two days of assembling and sorting, things still are pretty chaotic but she is sure that the best decision was made.

(the only wall in mama’s studio now proudly presents a expedit with drawers, and the big Alex – still need lot of work in the expedit’s top…)

(the scrap table top is still a mess but things are getting sorted. If only today wasn’s the hottest day this year mama could work a little more in that “hot in the Summer” studio under the roof)

The sew corner is already in pretty good shape and got some new boxes and drawes. The small Alex observes the mess in its glory Рnot a button was moved in or out of it  during the last days.

Not showed in the pictures: new and improved lego city, cars sorted in the Pax closet, pretty desk with new Alex drawers in the girls room, kids clothes sorted, Barbies in a pretty and new clear box, pile of clothes to iron.

This mama loves to organize and re-organize stuff. Loves to move furniture around, much to papa’s despair.¬†After 12 years living with her, he¬†already knows it is better to do what she wants and does not try to change her mind LOL

(hopefully I’ll have a small studio tour to share with you this weekend. Wish me some rain so it is not so hot in the studio LOL)