Let’s make art! My #tellme100 project

I started 2016 with the good intention of making 100 collages.

I didn’t.

I really love making collages – it is quick, I love to play with paper (and I have a huge collection of paper scraps), it is so uncomplicated and super therapeutic too..

I ask myself why did I not manage to get my 100 little pieces done this year… but instead of looking to what I did not make I decided to keep going and be strong for the next two months and beyond. I’ll eventually make my 100 collages and will them start again. Because I love it and it makes me happy.

baersgarten-tellme100-round1#tellme100 on Instagram

These are the first 12 collages I did and just looking at them all together makes my hear smile. So you will see a lot of these here and on my Instagram account in the next time.

Hope you follow and comment and help me to keep creating 🙂 Let’s make art!

Have a wonderful day everyone!





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