Scrapbook Layout: Love you

This year I am doing pretty good with Project Life. My album is up to date and I feel like keep it going. Yesterday, when we came back home from theatre, I tuck the entrance cards in a pocket and felt so happy to have come this far.

As happy as I am with my Project Life progress, I am a bit sad because I’ve never scrapped so few layouts in a year since I started to scrap back in 2005.

The 2015 and 2016 albums are so empty, I really have to do something about it.
Love you


The weather is dreadful today. It rained no-stop the entire day. It is 5°C cold. Gray and wet.

I cleaned my studio, printed a couple of Summer photos and brought a bit of color and happiness in my day.
Love you


A very simple page (because I can not dare to make anything more elaborated after being away from the scrap table for so long!) but still makes me happy on a gray day.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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