March 2017 Newsletter


Hello Friends

It is already the first day of March and I am asking myself where February did go.

The weather has been dreadful here in Germany (gray, cold and rainy) and, unfortunately, it has a great influence on my mood. I did not get even the half done of my to-do list for this month so I guess I should keep this newsletter short and sweet and try to get something done!

This month I have one of my favorite sets of journaling cards to date to share with you. It is called “My City” and you can pair them with photos taken around your town or during vacations.  Just sign in for the newsletter here to download the cards.

If you post a photo of your project using my journaling cards on Instagram please tag it with #baersgartendesigns. I would love to see it!

If you are looking for some scrapbooking inspiration, I wanted to share three blog posts I wrote this past month:

I also published a new class on Skillshare. It is called “Travel Scrapbooking: Bring your Journal and Photos to Life” and in the class I show you how do I have been preserving my most treasured travel moments using a simple notebook, a pen and my camera. I also talk about different ways to scrapbook your travels when you are back home.

You have to first register to Skillshare to watch it. You can try any classes for one entire month for free and cancel your membership if you decided to not stay. I think it is a pretty sweet deal as there are thousands of cool classes to take there. I am actually quite obsessed with hand lettering and faux calligraphy. Perhaps is this the reason I do not get anything done? LOL

Wishing you a sunny and warm March, take care







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  1. Hello. Thanks for sharing this. If I may ask, what font did you use on the images of the blog post? 🙂 I appreciate your reply. Thanks again 🙂

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