Tomorrow the 100 days project hosted by Elle Luna will start.

I joined the adventure last year trying to make a little watercolor paint everyday and soon enough realized that this was not the right project to me.

I have a great difficult in keeping a routine of creating. I usually work in batches, get a lot done in few hours (or days) and them several days can pass before I find time to create something again.

I asked myself if I wanted to try it again this year. Yes, I do.

And if I really want to create something everyday for 100 days, them it has to be something that I really love to do.  And something I can do. Something simple. I can’t start painting watercolors as I did last year.

I could commit myself to make a scrapbook page everyday for the next 100 days and that would be really great because I am a way behind with the kids albums 😉 but the truth is that I do not have time to scrap everyday. Sad but true.

I came with the idea of creating a little collage everyday. This is something I can do because collages can be everything from really simple to really elaborated and and I really enjoy making them. So lets keep it simple in the busy days and make art on that days plenty of time and inspiration.

So, let me introduce you my 100 days project:

My goal is to create a little collage, in the same format as those I’ve been making for my ongoing  #tellme100 project but this time I’ll be not writing quotes but parts of song lyrics I love.

I hope you follow me along the next 100 days and if you are also doing a 100 days project, please leave a comment on my Instagram account with your hashtag so I can follow along.


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