Another day is in the books, I mean, in the Project Life album.

Yesterday something really fun happened, I left my studio to make dinner and totally forgot that I was doing week in the life. I did not write a word and did not take any photos in the evening. What?!

This morning when I opened the windows from my craft room I saw the album lying on my window bank and had to re-think the page spread due to absolute lacking of information to fill it LOL So I decided to use a 6×12″ page protector on the right side of the spread and call it done like that.

That’s how the pages for Tuesday look like:

Week in the Life 2017 - Tuesday

That will also work for Wednesday (one and a half pages) because I spent the morning studying and there is not a lot to write about my day until noon. No photos either.

I am still pretty happy with this spread because it is a lot more than I normally document and all the days together is what makes this project great, not each day separately.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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