Wednesday was a beautiful cold sunny day here, I got lot of work done and we went to the town in the afternoon. The boy and the little girl had a meeting in the church and the big girl wanted to have a look in the stores. She means she needs even more t-shirts 😉

I used the back of the 6×12″ page protector from Tuesday and basically repeated the design, meaning that I have one and half pages for Wednesday as well.

It is just perfect like that.
Week in the Life - Wednesday

We are totally into All star Converse shoes here, a passion of mine that the kids are sharing and it is fun to see the current pairs all together like that. That’s what makes documenting everyday life so special. I would probably not take a picture and not document it if I was not doing week in the life. So grateful for doing it and for the whole scrapbook thing.

I am also participating in the “April Love 2017” along with Susannah Conway and a very large community of people who love to take photos. I decided to join because I, normally, do not take lots of photos, and I like the challenge. The photo prompt on Wednesday was Legacy. I shared a photo of this layout on Instagram and wrote: I am pretty sure my kids and their kids will someday treasure the stories I am telling through my scrapbooks. .

And I really do believe in it. Scrapbooking is the most perfect way to celebrate life and build a legacy to be enjoyed for years, and I dare to say, for lives, to come.

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