100 days of Collage Songs

It has been quite an adventure. And here I am, 135 days later, finishing my first ever 100 days project.

To say that I am happy and proud of myself is an understatement. I am beyond happy and beyond proud LOL Most of all, this great feeling comes from knowing that, this time around, I did not thought about quitting. I was there the whole time, looking forward for the next collage, collecting song lyrics quotes and paper snippets.

Day 42: Smooth

I started with the plan of overwriting an entire moleskine A6 planner from 2012 but it got so full sometimes that I decided to make the last collages on book pages or 6×6″ sheets of paper (have a bunch of old paper pads that make perfect collage backgrounds).

That’s how it looks like, I can barely close it.


Making the change to the loose sheets showed to me that I prefer the freedom of a sheet of paper x working on a notebook. So, for future collage projects I’ll sure choice to work so.


Day 80: Hey Brother

The move to the 6×6″ format was also great to get some of those old paper pads used. I have been “saving” some of the first paper pads I bought on Ebay from USA back in 2004 when there was no online scrapbook store in Germany!


a pile of 6×6″ collages

If you want to see all the collages be sure to check the hashtag #100daysofcollagesongs on Instagram.

I decided to close this project with the song lyrics of “Paradise City” from one of my favorite bands, Guns N’ Roses. This is the last song they play on their concerts and I was so lucky to see them live in Belgium last June, it was the most epic concert ever. This is my way, as a paper crafter, to pay my tribute and admiration to them and to finish what is an epic project to me.


Day 100: Paradise City


And here are all of my 100 days of collage songs:


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Thanks so much for following along, for all the lovely comments and hearts. I really appreciate it and I really looked forward for them, all the time.