Project Life June 2017

I have mentioned in a previous post that I had to delete several “old” posts from this year because they were replaced with advertisement when I tried some wordpress templates.

So today I’ll be sharing the pages for June and Day in the Life, which is a project initiated by Ali Edwards, that I followed along. It is basically documenting a day with all its details. If you want to read more about it, please give a look here.

Week 23:

There was a the last handball match in the Season, an orange house, the Summer Fest in the Elementary school and some serious swimming in a lake.

Project Life

Weekly printable journaling cards available on my Etsy Shop

Week 24:

I realized that I typed week 22 for week 24 when I was editing the photos and replaced it, I did not took new photos though. On week 24 the orange house became gray, I celebrated my birthday and there was a long weekend filled with Beach Handball.

Project Life week 23

Project Life Week 23

Week 24 with the August Project Life Kit by

June 20th: Day in the Life

I decided to have some blank line cards on my desktop and add journaling during the day. I took most of the photos with my phone and also shared them on Instagram.

Day in the Life 2017

Day in the Life 2017

All the cards and awesome time stamp from previous Day in the Life Kits by Ali Edwards.

Week 25:

The week I went to TW Classic and saw the Guns N’ Roses concert. It was epic! I really have to make a layout for my album about it!

Day in the Life 2017

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