I am Iara (with i), the designer behind the Baers Garten Designs brand.

I am a always busy, always doing something, working at home mother of three: the big girl, the boy and the little girl. They are almost exactly 18 months apart, being the big girl 3 years and 4 days older than her sister.

I love to travel, take photos and scrapbook them. I love to write about the everyday adventures of my “growing so fast” kids.

I keep lots of journals, I love to make random collages, write and read. I do love all kind of craft books and magazines.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and now live in a small town near to Cologne, in Germany. I call Germany my home country. I love to live here. And I try to not complain about gray skies.

I am a minimalist at heart, trying my best to keep my home and my daily schedule uncluttered. It does not always work.

My Studio used to be our kitchen, but my lovely husband re-build the house and it is now my loving place. You can see how it looks like here.

I have currently completed 55 scrapbooks. That’s a lot! You can read about them here.

Thanks for stopping by!