I’ve got lots of questions about how to print and assemble the printable party sets I sell on Baers Garten Digitals. In this page I try to answer all the FAQs and will be adding more information as the questions come in.

First of all, thank you so very much that you choice one of my sets to help you to create an unique and wonderful party for someone you love! It is a great honour for me!

If you purchased your set on Etsy you will be able to download it imediately. Just go to your Etsy account, click the “view your files” link on the upper right side of your screen and you will be redirected to a page where the download links are located. Just click and download them. Be sure to save the files to a place where you can find them when the download is ready. I recommend to create a new folder (for example: Anna’s first birthday) and save everything related to the party in it. It can be a life saver! Be aware that the downloads does not work on phones or tablets, only on desktop computers and laptops (PC or Mac) due to the large size of the files.

Once you downloaded the files, it is time to unzip them. Just right click and select the option to “extract” the files.

Open the files using Adobe Reader, a free program available for download here.

You are now ready to start printing your party. Be sure to choice the highest quality setting and that page scaling is deselected or set to 100%.

Choosing the paper

The paper you use to print your party is so very important! It will be decisive to have a good looking party! You want the designs to be bright and the colors to be right, so you really need to choice the right paper to print them!

My favorite paper to print parties is the Canon Matte Photo Paper. I have a Canon printer and this paper is simply the best in my opinion. It has a smooth surface, a great weight (not so thin and not so heavy).

You can also use cardstock (I recommend 110 lbs) or brochure paper (it is a bit thinner but the smooth bright surface looks great).

If you want to print in adhesive paper, please choice a paper in full 8.5″x11″ sheets as this one from Avery Paper or this one from Epson.

Printing at home

It is really important that before you hit the print button you check that your printer settings are set to bordless or 100% and that the paper size selected is Letter or 8.5″x11″ (even if you are printing on A4 size paper!) or the designs will not be printed at the correct size.

Printing at local print services

I am in Germany and will recommend to anyone here in Europe to print the parties at home. It is simply to expensive to do it other way. But for you who are in the US or Canada, there are great printer services that do a wonderful print job for less money so you can totally take your files to get printed!

If you want to do so, you need to save your files to a flash drive or DVD and go to the store. Please check if your files are really saved in the flash drive or DVD before going to the store. I am in Germany and will be tipically sleeping in the time that you hit Office Max and can’t help you to retrieve any files that you forgot on your home computer 😉

A dear online friend of mine in the US who always print parties at local printing services strongly recommends Office Max to get the files print. I can’t say anything about the services of american companies because I never used them, sorry for that! But you can trust my friend, she makes the most wonderful pinterest parties for her girls.

Now let’s go though each file included in a party package and how to print and assemble everything:


The happy birthday banner is so easy to assemple and males such a statement! Print on heavy cardstock (110 lbs) or matte photo paper, cut around the edges with scissors, craft knife or paper trimmer and punch small holes close to the upper corners of each flag.
String ribbon or bakers twine through either from the back or front, it is up to you! Be sure to leave enough ribbon  on both sides of the banner for hanging,

You are ready!


My favorite printables! These little squares are the most versatile printables included in the package. You can use them for a variety of projects, including making cupcake toppers (what a surprise! LOL), labels to close gift bags, tags, table centerpieces and game pieces.

My files are designed to be easily cut square but I always use a scaloped punch or a 2″ circle punch to cut mine. Print them on cardstock or matte photo paper.

You can either attach a lollipop stick or a toothpick to the back of your cupcake topper using a drop of hot glue or washi tape.


(Cupcakes toppers from the Flamingo Party)


(Cupcakes toppers from the dress up party for boys and dress up party for girls)


Print them on matte photo paper or brochure paper. You don’t want to print them on heavy cardstock, or you will be unable to fold them nicely. Cut with scissors. Fold them around your cupcakes and attach with transparent tape or a drop of hot glue.


First and foremost: the bottles should be served at room temperature otherwise the tape will not stick and that the color of the printed labels will leak!

I always have a set of bottles on the table top only for decoration. They are not cooled and they will likely stay the whole party just being beautiful.


Beautiful bottle labels from the Strawberry Shortcake Party

If you want to cool your decorated bottles you will need to either use weatherproof photo paper or “normal” matte photo paper and them cover both sides of  the cut bottle labels with large clear tape before attaching to the bottles. If you are buying waterproof photo paper be sure that you get the full 8.5″x11″ sheets (not specific paper for water bottle labels).

It is important that the paper you choice is lightweight or it will not look good when wrapped around the bottles. Cut the bottle labels with scissors, craft knife or paper trimmer.
Apply double side tape to the back of the bottle labels. Adhere to any bottle that is less that 9” in diameter.


Print them on matte photo paper or brochure paper. You don’t want to print them on heavy cardstock, or you will be unable to fold them nicely. Cut with scissors, craft knive + rule or paper trimmer.


Fold in the middle. Place on the top of a paper / ziploc / cellophane bag filled with favor treats. Staple the botton of the gift bag topper to the bag to close.


Print the tags on cardstock. Sign the tags, eg. “Love, Anna”
Cut the tags with scissors, craft knife or paper trimmer.
Punch a small hole in the designed place and thread a ribbon or bakers twine through it.
Attach to party favors.


Print the file on light weight cardstock.
Cut the wrappers with scissors, craft knife or paper trimmer.
Wrap them around Chocolate Bars, centering the front of the label on the front of the bar.
Close in the back with a small piece of clear tape or washi tape.


Print the hats on white light weight cardstock.
It is important the paper to be lightweight or it will not wrap properly.
Cut the hats with scissors and the gray line with a craft knife + ruler.
Insert the flap into the line cut.
Add a small piece of tape in the inside of the hat to secure the flap.


Print the file on Letter size white light weight cardstock.
Cut the flags with scissors or craft knife.
Adhere double sided tape to the back of each flag.
Peel out the adhesive baking and slip each flag into a straw.



Print the file on cardstock paper or other heavy weight paper.
Cut around the cards with scissors, craft knife or paper trimmer.
Fold them in a half to stand up for their own.


Print the centerpieces files on  Matte photo paper and cut around the edges carefully with scissors.

If the paper you are using is lightweight, you need to make them a little more “sturdy”. You can either trace the shape to a piece of cardboard or styrofoam, cut it and adhere both the printable and the cardboard/styrofoam together.

Them you can either glue a barbecue stick or similar to the back and stick it to a styropor piece. I really love to do this because you can decorate the styropor a bit, or paint it, or cover it with colored tissue paper 🙂  You can also put one or more centerpieces in a small enamel bucket as I did in the photo below.


The centerpieces make a statement in a table setup 🙂


(this page is still not complete, I’ll be adding more information and photos as time allows.)